A humble manifesto.

This is what LIFE has taught me along the way.

1. In times of deepest uncertainty, step into — not away from — the dream. There will always be millions of reasons why you can’t or won’t do something. Stop looking outside yourself for signs that it’s okay to move forward with confidence; that MOJO lives within.

2. Nice does not equal competent. You will bump into a ton of people that are cordial, agreeable and hospitable; this doesn’t mean that they are excellent in what they do. If you are sparking a revolution, you can’t afford to be surrounded by anyone that isn’t world class. Look for people that have an “intensity of talent”, a passionate/tenacious energy for who they are and what they do.

3. One advances not by outrageous leaps and bounds; but rather through quiet choices made in silent moments. The real work of leadership happens when you close the door at the end of the day. As you sift through the pile of problems in the “too-hard” box and try to make sense of the complexity that engulfs you. This is where character and creativity are manufactured. Don’t be afraid of the blank space (darkness).

4. The greatest gift known to humankind is the opportunity to begin again. No matter your faith, you are called to create your way in the world every single day. As Beth Orton says in the song, Central Reservation, “Today is whatever I want it to mean”. Personal reinvention is a natural byproduct of living/leading on the edge; let it happen.

5. The goal of the journey is to find and trust your voice. As Emerson presciently penned in the essay Self Reliance, “beware that flash of brilliance that crosses your mind”. The worst feeling in the world is seeing someone else having success with your idea. Quiet the noise, get out of your own way and take the leap.

Enough said.


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